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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Notes 2 (Assessment Criteria for Essay)

How are answers assessed?

Examiners assess the answers according to these criteria:

Task Response (i.e. how fully and appropriately the candidate has answered all parts of the task; the extent to which the candidate's ideas are relevant, developed and supported; the extent to which the candidate's position is clear and effective)

Coherence and Cohesion (i.e. how well the information and ideas are organised and presented, including paragraphing; how well the information is linked)

Lexical Resource (i.e. the range of vocabulary used, how accurately it is used and how appropriate it is for the task)

Grammatical Range and Accuracy (i.e. the range of structures used, how accurately they are used and how appropriate they are for the task)

Are there any other regulations the candidate needs to know?

They must write their answers on the Answer Sheet provided.

If candidates write less than the minimum word limit, they will be penalised.

They will be penalised for irrelevance if the response is off-topic.

Any writing which is plagiarised (i.e. copied from another source) will be severely penalised.

They will be penalised if their answer is not written as full connected text (e.g. using bullet points in any part of the response, or note form etc.

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