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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Essay 61 ( Commericialisation of Schools)

Some schools agree that fast food restaurants and supermarkets can promote their products in school and that schools benefit from it. Is it a positive or a negative development?

Today, a number of schools, especially in the developed countries allow corporate advertisements of fast foods and supermarkets and in this way they try to raise funds for schools activities.  This practice, in my view, is disadvantageous for school children.

To start with, showing commercials of fast foods, chocolates and similar products or making them available within school premises would reinforce children’s taste for such foods.  This can increase problems like obesity and other health issues among children.  For example, if hamburgers, fried meats and sweet beverages of brands like Mcdonalds or KFC are available in school cafeterias children would definitely have a tendency to consume them on a regular basis, instead of opting for healthier alternatives.  

Similarly, exposure to constant commercial messages within the academic environment can create a materialistic attitude in children.  For instance, if schools promote advertisements of children’s products like toys or computer games from supermarkets through educational materials, billboards or school television, children would think that they have the approval of teachers and school authorities.  Consequently, they may force their parents to buy the advertised products, when they visit supermarkets. This is a very obvious example of how commercialisation of schools can promote materialistic attitude in children.

On the other hand, some principals do not believe that children are unduly influenced by commercialisation of schools and they consider it advantageous to them, as a way to improve school facilities.  To cite an example, some corporates help financially strapped schools to buy library books or improve sports facilities for promoting their products inside the campus.

In conclusion, despite minor advantages, corporate commercial campaigns within school premises has greater negative influence on children as they would promote unhealthy habits and materialistic attitude in them.

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