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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Partime Jobs

IELTS Essay from Darsana Academy

In some countries teenagers are allowed to do part time jobs. Some people say it is a good thing, but others disagree.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

(You need to underline the key-words of the question, so that you will not leave out any important part of the question in your essay and lose focus.  Reading the question and underlining the keywords should not take more than 30 seconds)

Synonyms or similar words for keywords

Teenager – adolescent, high school children
Good thing – advantageous, beneficial, positive impacts
Part-time jobs –work done outside school hours
Disagree – oppose, are against, disadvantageous, negative impacts, drawbacks

(Writing down synonyms and similar words of the key-words helps you to rephrase the question in your own words and use lexical resource effectively.  You have two minutes to complete this activity)

Rephrasing the question

Engaging in paid jobs outside school hours is a usual practice for senior high-school children in certain countries, especially in the west.  While most people appreciate the benefits of such work experience for adolescent children, there are also opposing views.

(Rephrasing is a very useful exercise to help you to write the introduction effectively without losing any key points in the question.  This is also very important in achieving task response.  You can focus on any keywords to start your sentence.  In this case, I have focused on ‘part-time jobs’ to start the sentence.)


Despite certain concerns about allowing teenagers to do part-time jobs, this practice has greatly helped them, in terms of earning their pocket money and appreciating the value of work at an early age.

(Viewpoint is your position in the essay, which should be effectively presented throughout the essay.  It also helps you to write the conclusion by summarising the main points of the essay.)

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Ria IELTS said...

This is a good post to recommend to my students to improve their vocabulary. Vocabulary is one of their weaknesses. I will be using this exercise to them.

George Andrews said...

Thanks Ria for the acknowledgement

Raneesh said...

could you possibly explain essays by cross-examining like you did it for the essay named PART TIME JOBS....