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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Essay 63 (Field-trips in schools)

Some people believe that children should have important lessons other than classes in a schools, that is, visiting local businesses or public buildings.

To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Many progressive schools today often try to provide more innovative learning experiences to children by taking them to local commercial establishments or public buildings where they would be exposed to a great deal of practical knowledge.  This practice, I think, would be a significant opportunity for them to acquire skills and information which are not usually available in a school environment.

To begin with, classroom learning can sometimes be tedious and access to ideas and knowledge in nonverbal and practical ways can make learning creative, fun-filled and more effective.  For instance, while visiting a historical museum children can see and handle real objects and experience artefacts like coins, inscriptions and utensils of the ancient times.  These experiences would reinforce their study of history and help them to recall information more easily.

Furthermore, field trips to local businesses can introduce pupils to direct interaction with objects of learning, which are not easily available in schools.  For example, a visit to a local fish market can introduce children to various species of sea and river fishes, learn their names and identify them.

However, sometimes children can take fieldtrips more as a recreational activity rather than an innovative learning experience.  This can defeat the very purpose of such trips, and therefore some parents are sceptical about such activities in school.

In conclusion, although field trips from schools offer a certain amount fun, most children benefit greatly from such educational tours.  Therefore, school authorities should encourage children to visit local businesses or public buildings in order to make education a more creative and interesting activity.

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hi there. the word "fishes" seems a little strange in this essay. isn't it uncountable?

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